DIY: Laptop we stand, guitar we fall

I have a portable laptop table with caster that I use as an audio mixer table. Nothing fancy there, just an ordinary computer furniture anyone can buy from an office supply store. The table top has just enough of a space for the mixer and a flat panel monitor.

When my monitor finally gave up, I set about putting my MacBook up at the spot where the monitor was, at least for the time being, instead of buying an immediate replacement. This involved a DIY game plan motivated by Lifehacker’s laptop stand ideas. I happen to look at my seldom-used guitar stand, a Proel Guitar Stand A Frame, and immediately knew I found my silly version of a DIY laptop stand. Without delay, got down to business of fitting the guitar stand to the table.

Since the horizontal base will not fit on the top of the table, I have to put it in such a way that the table top is squeezed between the horizontal base and the U-shaped guitar holder, as seen on Fig. 1. This was in fact the better approach – the gap between the base and the holder was a tight-fit to the thickness of the top.

Fig. 1

I screwed additional PVC conduit clamps on the guitar holder for added security. Fig. 2 shows the placement of the conduit clamps.

Fig. 2

I also added foam tube pipe insulation around the A-bracket, as seen on Fig. 2. This protected the MacBook from scratches. What’s more, all the rubber/foam protection meant to protect the guitar also provided the same protection for the MacBook. This can be seen on Figs 3. and 4.

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

I might have lost a good guitar stand, but I gained a laptop stand in the process. And this might just become a permanent fixture. The additional materials used were:

  • PVC conduit clamps (Bag of 5), ~$1.20
  • screws, $0.00 (stock)
  • foam tube pipe insulation, $0.00 (leftover)

Fig. 5